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Procurement & Transaction Advisory Service

Key Benefits

1. To reduce the total cost of products and services.

2. To obtain a larger degree of control over products and service costs.

3. Change the fixed to variable cost ratios of an organisation, by removing fixed costs from the balance sheet.

4. Obtain access to best of breed practices

5. Obtain access to best skills and resources.

6. Increased flexibility of resources to balance fluctuating demand and supply cycles.


Phase 1 - Determine the Need

The first Methodology is used to analyse the particular area and to determine the organisations needs. The most appropriate sourcing model needs to be selected, and these models may include amongst others an outsourcing model, BEE/SMME model, Co-sourcing, Procurement, etc. A Sourcing Strategy is then compiled.

Phase 2 - Create the Solution

The second methodology involves creating the solution. This includes the sourcing, procurement and contract placement of the resulting deal. A Scope of Work document, detailed Description of the Products/Services as well as a Service Level Agreement, would also be compiled.

Phase 3 - Manage the Solution

The third methodology involves putting the necessary performance management tools in place in order to manage performance over the life of the agreement. These would typically use the Service Level Agreement as a foundation, with a mechanism to measure actual performance against the stated performance metrics.
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Service Delivery

Procurement & Transaction Advisory Services

Sourcing Options is able to provide Transaction Advisory services to clients wishing to acquire products or services. We follow a Strategic Sourcing approach for the sourcing of suitable products or business partners for clients, thereby enabling the organisation to focus on its core business.

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