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Strategic Sourcing Services

Sourcing Options provides professional services to assist the Customer with the design, development and implementation of strategic sourcing methodologies and associated processes in its Procurement Division. Projects are underpinned by the following key deliverables:

1. Execution

Execute and establish strategic sourcing processes to enable the required Savings Target.

2. Facilitation

Facilitate the adoption of a strategic sourcing process that promotes consistency, is easy to manage and is based on entering into formal signed agreements for delivery of Goods and Services.

3. Support

Active engagement of the Customer’s Operational Units to understand and support their needs and to strengthen formal commodity management processes.

4. Implementation

Creating and implementing an updated set of Procurement Policies and Procedures aligned with the newly implement strategic sourcing processes.

Improved Savings Target

It is common knowledge that a great many “savings initiatives” claim savings, however it is seldom true that the actual savings as reflected in the bottom line of the organisation matches the savings claimed. We track the actual “Realised” savings and report them through in the organisation’s quarterly financial reporting system, thereby making the savings real and identifiable..

Industry Proven Processes

The primary reason for Sourcing Options being able to achieve such good results, is because of the use of a team of highly skilled and experienced resources supported by a well-defined procurement methodology (TSM™) and an industry proven procurement work flow process (Eight Step Strategic Procurement process).

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