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Supply Chain Management Service


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Supply Chain Management Services

ideally positioned

"The use of Supply Chain Management services will result in a cost effective and efficient process to assist client's with the Management of their entire Supply Chain and Procurement function."

Sourcing Options is ideally positioned to assist clients with an end-to-end Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Procurement Consulting Service, as this is the primary function and core business of Sourcing Options. It is our aim to significantly improve the quality of procurement transactions between clients and their suppliers/service providers, which results in improved service delivery. We believe that effective supply chain processes can not only result in improved service delivery but also lead to optimized spending of budgets.

Gone are the days where SCM and procurement are viewed as just being a rubber stamp and the placing of a purchase order. Instead procurement has grown to become a science on its own and many organisations have come to realise the importance of effective supply chain processes in giving them a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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