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Supply Chain Optimisation

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Supply Chain Optimisation

Supply Chain Optimisation strives to drive out increased value from your delivery network, whilst at the same time increasing your organisations profitability. This objective is achieved by identifying the problem areas where inefficiencies and wastage occur, benchmarking these areas and lowering your operating costs accordingly. Attention is given to either the Inbound Supply Chain, the Outbound Supply Chain, or alternatively the Entire Supply Chain from your Supplier’s suppliers to your Customer’s customers. The flow of products and or commodities into and out of an organisation, as well as the related logistical services, are addressed.

Methodology Phases:

Phase 1: Business Analysis

Phase 2: Process Mapping

Phase 3: Cost Analysis

Phase 4: Value Analysis

Phase 5: Findings and Recommendations

Lower costs

Increased profitability

Increased shareholder value

Increased market share

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